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There is so much debate in the world of diamonds bling. For example, there is the debate of how diamonds compare with rhinestones. How about the size of bling boxes? And of course, there is the question of fluorescence.

Rhinestones vs diamonds

When you look at jewelry, you are likely to see diamonds and rhinestones. While diamonds are the hardest substance in the world, rhinestones are imitation stones. They are created by cutting quartz crystals.

Rhinestones were originally called “paste” stones. During the 18th and 19th century, great designers used paste jewellery. This was a cheaper option to a machine-cut rhinestone. These stones were also worn by socialites.

Today, rhinestones can be found in many different colours. There are also square and rectangular rhinestones. Many rhinestones have a metallic coating that gives them their sparkle. The coating can be gold or silver. However, if the rhinestone is cloudy or if the coating is damaged by harsh chemicals, the rhinestone will lose its shine.

Another type of rhinestone is made of glass. Some are made of acrylic or plastic. Although not as durable as the metal coated rhinestones, they are still durable.

Rhinestones are a common material for decorating windows and clothing. The name came from the crystals near the Rhine River in Europe.


The presence of fluorescence in a diamond can help enhance its overall beauty. However, it can also detract from its resale value. Purchasing a diamond with significant fluorescence is a personal choice, so be sure to weigh the pros and cons before you drop a bundle on a piece.

A diamond with a strong enough fluorescence may appear milky, hazy, or cloudy. This effect is more noticeable when viewed under natural sunlight, but it can also occur under artificial lighting.

When buying a diamond with fluorescence, look for a color grade that will provide a visible improvement over the standard gem. For instance, a round brilliant cut diamond will appear darker in the daylight and whiter in filtered light.

Another important fact is that the strength of the effect is diminished with distance. For example, it is not likely to be a good idea to buy a diamond with a high level of fluorescence if you plan to have it displayed in a jewelry store.

Meaning of bling

Bling is a term often used to describe expensive jewelry, diamonds, or gold. It has become a popular word in the United States. However, its history is not well known.

Bling was first used in rap music by Dana Dane in 1987 in the song Nightmare. Bling is now used by hip hop artists to denote flashy and expensive jewelry. This word is not just a reference to jewelry, but to any piece of metallic material that makes a statement.

Rap artists such as Lil Wayne and Bryan “Birdman” Williams took bling to new heights. They are the signees of Cash Money records. These musicians began to wear a variety of pieces that would make them stand out, and the use of bling gained a more widespread audience.

Hip Hop and jewelry have a very close relationship, which influences fashion and culture. Diamonds have been used in hip hop to show affluence and royalty.

Many people associate bling with diamonds, but it does not have to be. There are many alternatives to real diamonds, including gold plating and cubic zirconia. When you shop for bling, ensure that you look for a reputable retailer that offers high-quality bling and a lifetime guarantee.